Why you should join
  • Are you responsible for environmental or sustainability issues for your dairy company or factory?...
  • Do you wish you had the opportunity to meet and network with others who have similar responsibilities? ...
  • Would you like to have the opportunity to up-date your knowledge or to benchmark your company in areas such as compliance or the technical options for waste management or improved resource efficiency? ...
  • Then why not become a company Member of the Dairy Manufacturers’ Sustainability Council (DMSC)?

Membership of the DMSC gives access to a formal network of dairy manufacturing personnel, and other key stakeholders, who are involved in sustainability. Benefits of both Company and Associate membership are explained further in the DMSC Initiative Overview but include increased awareness of and access to relevant research and industry projects via the website and through the regular DMSC forums. Invitation to these forums provides exposure to external experts from academia, research organizations, regulators and non-dairy companies.


The DMSC Forum has been running since 2003 and occurs a minimum of three times each year, nominally in February, June and October. These meetings are held over one day, usually in Melbourne, and address topics that have been raised by the Membership. Topics typically range from disposal and utilisation of waste water sludge, updates on environmental legislation, technologies for eco-efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction through to methods for cleaner production and more sustainable supply chain management.

The Forum also allows members to be informed of the latest research and to get involved with the people doing the research. Members also have a say in the direction of future research funded by Dairy Australia.

Next DMSC meeting is scheduled for early July 2017 and will be held at Dairy Australia's office in Southbank, Victoria.

For further details contact Ian Olmstead

Email:, Phone: 03 9694 3811