Company Membership

Company membership is available to dairy processing companies and cooperatives who are committed to helping drive the DMSC, according to its Mission and Vision: by guiding proposed research and project proposals, attending forums/meetings, and by participating in decision making. The capability of the Member representatives is preferred to be, but is not restricted to, senior level Sustainability or Environmental Managers or Engineers. Company Membership allows for a maximum of 3 people to attend each of the regular environmental forums or meetings (currently a minimum of 3 per year) and to have one vote per Member.

Benefits of Company Members

  • Voting rights with respect to strategic direction of DMSC and admittance of Associate Members.
  • Allowance for 3 personnel to attend all DMSC forums
    • There are a minimum of 3 DMSC forums held per year
    • DMSC forums typically consist of a restricted Company Members-only morning session and an open afternoon session that Associate Members, presenters and other leading industry representatives are invited to.
  • Remote webinar access (unlimited) to all DMSC forums for Company Member personnel unable to attend meeting in person and access to webinar recordings upon request.
  • Receipt of three study reports per year 
    • Each study reports focus on an individual theme related to the manufacturing-based performance targets under the Sustainability Framework
      • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity
      • Reducing consumptive water usage intensity
      • Reducing waste-to-landfill intensity (Food waste is an emerging issue and will be discussed further)
    • The study reports, released prior to each DMSC forum, provide details of technology, policy and funding opportunities that have been pre-screened for commercial relevance and ability to improve performance according to an established set of criteria by the industry specialist undertaking the work.
  • Exclusive eligibility to apply for funding under other Dairy Australia manufacturing support schemes such as the Dairy Australia Technology Assessment (DATA) Scheme or the Grant Access Support (GAS) Scheme.
  • Ability to influence direction of Dairy Australia investment in R&D directed towards improving manufacturing margins and overall industry sustainability.
  • Ability to benchmark company performance against others in the industry.
  • Ability to draw upon a collective voice and Dairy Australia’s support to respond to industry issues (including those without an environmental focus).
  • Ability to draw upon a network of industry peers to provide in-confidence support towards addressing individual and/or sector wide environmental challenges.


Company Membership is offered on a tiered basis according the volume of milk a company processes.
  • Large Processor (<500 million liters per year)                  $4,000 p.a. (ex GST)
  • Medium Processor (100 to 500 million liters per year)     $3,000 p.a. (ex GST)
  • Small Processor (<100 million liters per year)                  $2,000 p.a. (ex GST)

Company Membership of the Dairy Manufacturers’ Sustainability Council during 17/18 is shown below.