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The new Cheese Whey Web Application

This Web Application provides users with an operational and commercial analysis for a selected range of cheese whey options. The App gives an indication of the required capital, expected operating costs, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV) for each of these options.

Users of the App start by entering their target cheese production quantities, or expected milk supply curve, across a 10 year period. The volume and composition of whey is subsequently calculated from the selected cheese production plan (type and quantity).

When the whey volume has been calculated, users can select from a range of whey products and by-products. The whey products currently available are D40 and WPC35 liquid concentrates plus whole whey, D40 and WPC35 powders. It is also possible to test a number of scenarios based on production and sale of raw or pasteurised liquid whey.

The model runs detailed operational and financial calculations for the chosen whey product and selected scale. These calculations are based on the operational and financial structure of an Australian dairy manufacturing business. Default settings are provided by the model. Alternatively, the user can set their own inputs including factors such as capital, labour, overheads, product yield, and utilities usage and cost.

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