Sustainability Framework

The Australian dairy industry has developed a whole-of-industry Sustainability Framework which aims to: 

    • Enhance livelihoods across the industry 
    • Improve community and animal wellbeing
    • Reduce our environmental impact

In 2012, the industry endorsed the Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework, identifying priority areas, goals and objectives. To help guide Australian improvement against 11 targets and 41 performance measures the Framework is led by the Australian Dairy Industry Council, managed by an industry Steering Committee, and supported by Dairy Australia.

The Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework Progress Report 2015 highlights and summarises the industry's achievements to date. 

The Sustainability Framework leads the industry's push to be more sustainable and will help drive practice change where necessary for farmers and processors. It is a framework for keeping the Australia dairy industry in business for the long term.

The Framework was developed in consultation with industry representatives and other stakeholders including customers, retailers, government, regulators, NRM groups and leading interest groups.

Implementation of the framework is ongoing.

The Framework and implementation plan is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains relevant to industry.